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Journal Articles

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Working Papers and Other Documents

  • GPU Parallel Implementation of Numerical Distribution Functions for Seasonal Unit Root Tests. Working Paper, June 2016.
  • Enhanced Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Pure Variance Structural Time Series Models. Working Paper, November 2014. 18 pages.
  • 101 Variations on a Maximum Likelihood Procedure for a Structural Time Series Model. Working Paper, January 2013. 16 pages.
  • Measuring the Effect of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation on Alaska Temperature Data. Working paper, July 2010. 13 pages.
  • Time-Varying Autoregressive Models for the Detection of Seasonal Trends in Alaska Temperature Data. Working paper, May 2010. 13 pages.
  • An inverse Transform Approach for Gibbs-Sampling Using Data Augmentation for Latent Components in State-Space Models. Working paper, March 2009. 15 pages.
  • The Clark Model for Business Cycle Analysis with Markov Switching Regimes. Master Thesis in Econometrics and Operations Research, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, July 2008. 44 pages. Supervisors: Siem Jan Koopman, Soon Yip Wong.
  • Seasonal Adjustment of The HICP. Energy and Unprocessed Food- Discussion Paper, 2006. 17 pages.
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