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Detection of outliers in time series with R

This post is an abridged version of this document. Here, I will focus on the non-technical content and will reproduce some examples in order to introduce the purpose and usage of the tsoutliers package of R. Time series data often … Continue reading

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Are record-breaking temperatures explained by the increase of meteorological stations?

In a previous post I introduced the data set provided by Euskalmet, the Basque Agency of Meteorology. Here, we use the same database to assess the following conjecture: Some of the record high temperature values observed in the last years … Continue reading

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Euskalmet open data

Euskalmet is the Basque Agency of Meteorology. Euskalmet collects daily meteorological data at several stations. A database containing this data for the years 2003 to 2012 is provided through the service Open Data Euskadi. This is a rich and interesting … Continue reading

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Compiling C code to be called from R
Some timings for the Fibonacci sequence

As an interpreted language, R has some limitations when it comes to racing against the clock. Calling precompiled code is a common trick to speed-up R code. Computationally intensive tasks can be implemented in a compiled language such as C. … Continue reading

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Automatic generation of a makefile for R and LaTeX

The so-called vignettes are a useful supplemental documentation for R packages. A vignette often mixes standard text, typically formatted in LaTeX, with chunks of R code. During the process of building the vignette, the code chunks are effectively run to … Continue reading

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